Purpose and Mission

The TPRN is a network of leading international researchers who work in the field of parenting, prevention, and implementation science.

Network members use the Triple P—Positive Parenting Program as one example of an evidence-based system of intervention in order to address key research questions. The network builds on an existing set of informal and formal collaborative relationships with a view to enhancing collaboration potential and discussion among all network members and extending our research and policy impact.

The network is affiliated with and hosted by The University of Queensland in Australia, but has members from a range of research institutes around the world including The University of South Carolina, The University of Manchester, and The Oregon Research Institute.

Our Mission

Use scientific excellence to improve the well-being of children and families everywhere.

Our goals

  • To advance the knowledge of parenting and evidence-based systems of intervention in the prevention and treatment of child social-emotional and behaviour problems.
  • To conduct rigorous science to develop best practices to improve the functioning of children, parents and families from an individual level to a population level.
  • To assist in population-level reductions in the prevalence of child social- emotional and behaviour problems.
  • To increase the quality and quantity of research output and collaborative grants for network members.
  • Facilitate communication about research, policy, and practice with researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

Network Activities

  • Annual Helping Families Change conference
  • Annual scientific retreat for invited network members
  • TPRN website and forum
  • Bi-monthly topic specific meetings
  • Electronic resource library
  • Triple P trial registry
  • Regular news features
Disclosure Statement

The Triple P - Positive Parenting Program is owned by the University of Queensland. The University through its main technology transfer company, UniQuest Pty Ltd, has licensed Triple P International Pty Ltd to publish and disseminate the program worldwide. Royalties stemming from published Triple P resources are distributed to the Parenting and Family Support Centre; School of Psychology; Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences; and contributory authors. Various staff and students from The University of Queensland are contributory authors. No author has any share or ownership in Triple P International Pty Ltd.